Em — @emlouiii

Em — @emlouiii

October 2019

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Lounge October 01, 2019

Emma, 26, breast cancer survivor just tryna make tragedy work for me since cancer nicked my tits.

“Just your whole body in general - be aware of it! Because it could be that little feeling of “that’s not normal” that could save your life. It really sometimes is that simple.”


I want to talk to you about boobs today. Ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 24, raising awareness of it among young people has been very important to me. My peers couldn’t believe I had cancer in my boobs! They all thought that only old ladies got it, they had no clue about checking themselves.

I couldn’t believe it; I thought we all had a look at and a feel of our boobs in the bath! Early on I decided that the only way to do something about this was by being open about my time with those sinister cells.

When Lounge got in touch about their Breast Cancer Awareness Month and explained their ideas, I jumped at the chance. Changing the way the disease is seen by having young women with varied body shapes and from different backgrounds who have been affected by cancer at the front & centre of the campaign? YAS PLEASE! I’m a young, queer, working class woman; definitely don’t fit the Brest cancer patient stereotype!

You need to see that image be squashed so you start learning and checking because cancer doesn’t discriminate and early diagnosis saves lives. Lives like mine.




“I knew as soon as i felt that lump, as soon as I looked down and saw that the side where the lump was on my boob… that it was swollen, that i had dimpling in my areola, that my nipple had changed direction and the pain I was feeling, it wasn’t right!