Rebecca — @rebeccaspencer_photography

Rebecca — @rebeccaspencer_photography

October 2019

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Lounge October 28, 2019

Rebecca, 25, fashion photographer based in London!

“I am petrified to check my breasts if I’m really honest! You’d think that if you’d lost your mum at such a young age that you’d want to check them all the time… but for me it’s actually a really scary thing to do…”


I wanted to be apart of this campaign and photograph all the beautiful strong girls because this campaign means a lot to me also.

I lost my mother to breast cancer at the age of 41 and I was just 19. After listening to every girl tell their stories it brought me back to every appointment, every symptom, and all the devastating news I have received. But also a massive reality check and how seriously we need to take any symptoms.

During the stories I was so affected that I actually rung my doctors during lunch and got an appointment, they then referred me to the breast clinic for a further check and everything looks ok and I am now getting testing for genetic testing.

I can’t tell you how much better I feel for just getting peace of mind and how important breast cancer needs to be taken! If it wasn’t for this campaign I would have never picked up the phone and made that first appointment. I plan to get myself checked regularly and always encourage my friends and family.




“I’ve been checked twice since mum - in 6 years - and today I’m literally on the phone to the doctor just making that appointment… because you just never know. I always do feel mine, and whenever I feel a lump I always think ‘is it hormonal, or is it the pill I’m on, or is it this...’ but you just never know…”